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Van Ritter Family Vacation

Just to let you know that we have returned all well from our memorable visit to the Bahamas.

Now, back in mixed weather of sun and rain, and almost 18C, it is hard to believe that we just came back from paradise. We have been blessed in having encountered so many beautiful people, and every where we stayed, no exceptions, all helpful and friendly.

Our impressions of Cape Santa Maria have been more than fulfilled, since we have never met such beauty of nature. What a beach, and during our first minute on that lovely sandy beach, we encountered a baby shark and few minutes later sting rays. Our adventures in Dean’s blue hole awesome cliff dive and snorkling were also rewarded by the grace of a Lion fish. We took a tour, with a guide called Omar, who took us to a small island with leguanas and solder crabs. Just great.

As this was not enough, the flight to Cat Island started with our 10-year old son flying the airplane together with captain Marty (so genuine and warm), what more could someone want? We got an ever so warm welcome at Fernandez Bay, and where impressed with the transparant mangroves, who I have never seen so clear before, loaded with sea eagles and all sorts of marine life.

My son got such a treat in teaming up with Pam’s father, who was such a great friend to him and us all.

The sun sets breathtaking and the evenings chatting on the beach at the bonfire, is something I’ll never forget.

Although we got sunburned, that didn’t really bother us, we have been very active, but also found the needed rest in this beautiful resort with it’s wonderful family.

Our last days at Paradise Island, in the Atlantis have been an awesome experience for us all, what a building, slides and dolfin attraction. We found this to be somewhat of a cultural shock (after stayed in such tranquility) once we arrived, so many guests, loud, but breathtaking architecture. As we have seen few places by now, we have experienced the Bahamas as a wonderful place, we’ll return back to for sure.

Many thanks for your help for also making this trip a memorable one.

— Henk, Rimke and Ferron van Ritter, Germany

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