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September 17th, 2014

We love travel bloggers. They tell us where to go and what to see. They give us tips and share lessons they’ve learned throughout their travels. But most importantly, they inspire us to get out and explore the world.

For many people, simply leaving their city seems fairly daunting, let along their state, country or continent. But travel bloggers show us that anyone can go on an adventure if they want to, and for that we thank them.

What follows is a list of 20 travel bloggers that we love to read. Our hope is that their stories will inspire you to go on that adventure you’ve always dreamed of. Happy reading!

  • Luxury-300x192

A Luxury Travel Blog

Do you want to travel the world in style? Then this blog is for you. A Luxury Travel Blog provides information on the most luxurious hotels and resorts, the finest restaurants and news from within the luxury travel industry. It’s brought to you by Dr. Paul Johnson, a seasoned traveler and member of the Travel Bloggers Association. With 400,000 unique visitors a month it is quite possibly the most popular travel blog on the web and a great resource for anyone planning their next vacation.

  • Travel-Dudes-300x193

Travel Dudes

Travel Dudes is more than just a blog, it’s a travel community. Although regular posts are made by Melvin, the site’s founder, anyone can sign up and start contributing to the site. Travel Dude’s main goal is to give smaller, lesser known accommodations more exposure and to provide tons of great travel tips for free. Simply put, it’s a site for travelers, by travelers.

  • Nomadic-Matt-300x183

Nomadic Matt

Matt has been traveling the world since 2006 when he decided to quit his job and take an adventure around the world. The trip was supposed to last a year, but Matt didn’t come home until 18 months later and his love for travel was born. Nomadic Matt shows you how can travel anywhere you want without a lot of money. The site is chock-full of useful resources, including articles, videos, a forum and detailed guides on 59 countries and regions.

  • Johnny-Jett-300x187

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet started as a newsletter. Johnny would email his subscribers about how to accrue more travel miles on your credit card, travel tips and other helpful websites and resources. Eventually he turned his newsletter into a website and the rest is history. Johnny Jet has lots of useful travel advice, especially about travel credit cards. You can even use the Card Matcher feature to find the right card for you to maximize your rewards.

  • Y-Travel-Blog-300x176

Y Travel Blog

Y Travel Blog is all about helping you escape your monotonous day-to-day life and follow your travelling dreams. Caz and Craig Makepeace caught the travel bug in their youth and have been travelling ever since. The couple now have two young daughters, but that still hasn’t stopped them from going on regular adventures. They started Y Travel Blog in 2010 to inspire other people to live the life they want to live. They’ve certainly inspired us!

  • Twenty-Something-Travel-300x196

Twenty-Something Travel

Stephanie left her job in 2010 to travel the world and become a freelance writer and blogger. Since then she’s spent time living in China, Argentina and Mexico and travelling all over the world. Her site includes many great resources, including travelling advice, information on a variety of destinations, as well as an entire section on delicious food from around the world.

  • Adventurous-Kate-300x204

Adventurous Kate

Kate quit her job in 2006 at the age of 26 to travel to Southeast Asia for six months. That six months turned in 3 years across 50 countries. Besides plenty of travel tips and advice for potential globe trotters, Adventurous Kate is also a great resource for women thinking about travelling solo. Although she now does a lot of travelling with her fiancé, Kate still embarks on many solo adventures, proving that it is in fact safe for women to travel alone as long they take the proper precautions.

  • TravelSkills-300x188


TravelSkills was founded by Chris McGinnis, who’s been offering money-saving, comfort-enhancing travel advice across a wide variety of media since 1990. Although the blog offers great tips and advice for all travelers, its focus is more towards business travelers. It provides plenty of information on various airlines, hotels, travel credit cards and more.

  • The-Barefoot-Nomad-300x188

The Barefoot Nomad

Charles and Miki Kosman set off on their first year long adventure in 2003 and have been hooked ever since. They’ve been to numerous locations around the globe and continue to travel with their two young children. The Barefoot Nomad provides a wide array of useful information, including posts on their travel philosophy, travel tips, and advice for traveling with children.

  • Travel-Mamas-300x188

Travel Mamas

Do you think you can’t travel now that you have kids? These moms will convince you otherwise! Travel Mamas is for anyone who wants to travel with children. Their mission is to help parents and children better connect with each other and the world around them through travel. They provide travel tips, giveaways, packing lists and a plethora of helpful advice to let you travel with your children and stay sane in the process.

  • Travel-O-Cafe-300x211

Travel O Café

Laura and Cipri founded Travel O Café to inspire people to live a fulfilled, meaningful and mindful life. The two of them have been to 32 countries over 12 years and recount their journeys on their blog to encourage people to take their own adventures. The site also includes lots of information on the various restaurants and hotels the two have visited during their travels, making this a great resource for people wondering where to stay and what to eat during their trip.

  • Ordinary-Traveler-300x202

Ordinary Traveler

Ordinary Traveler was created by Scott Calafiore and Christy Woodrow to chronicle their travels and share their love of photography. This blog focuses on trip ideas for people with limited vacation time and introducing off-the-beaten-path destinations to their readers. These two may call themselves “Ordinary Travelers” but we think they’re rather extraordinary, and their blog is definitely worth a read.

  • The-Vacation-Gals-300x188

The Vacation Gals

The Vacation Gals is run by three professional travel writers: Jennifer Miner, Kara Williams and Beth Blair. Through their award winning travel blog they share their favorite destinations for family trips, girlfriend getaways and romantic escapes. They also provide lots of helpful information on outdoor adventures, wellness vacations, travel gear and helpful travel tips.

  • Have-Baby-Will-Travel-300x183

Have Baby Will Travel

The goal of Have Baby Will Travel is to educate parents on how to travel with their babies, toddlers and young children. The site was born in 2007 when Corinne McDermott decided to take a family vacation before her maternity leave was over. Frustrated by the lack of useful information for mothers travelling with their babies, Corinne decided to create here own guide. Have Baby Will Travel shares plenty of helpful travel advice, trip reports, and resources for traveling with small children.

  • Bucket-List-Journey-300x201

Bucket List Journey

If you’re looking for an adventure, a REAL adventure, then this is the blog for you. Bucket List Journey was created by Annette to document her travels around the world looking for the best bucket list worthy experiences. She’s eaten insects in Thailand, swam with thousands of jellyfish, went on a safari in Africa and much, much more. If you want to do something fun, and a little but crazy, Annette’s sure to have some ideas for you.

  • Alex-in-Wanderland-300x220

Alex in Wanderland

Alex started blogging back in 2009 before her trip to Southeast Asia. By 2011 she left New York to travel full time and hasn’t had a permanent address since. Alex in Wanderland is organized into a variety of different sections that are full of helpful content. You’ll find information on all the places Alex has been, her favorite camera gear, luggage and blogging tools, tips for planning your next vacation, and advice on what to do when you get there.

  • Lahowind-300x184


We’ve all dreamed about quitting our jobs and going on an adventure, right? Well Jereme and Kim did just that when they bought a sail boat and quit their jobs earlier this year. Despite their lack of sailing experience, the two of them (and their dog Oliver) set off on their boat to explore The Bahamas and the Caribbean, stopping at the various islands along the way. Their blog, which details all their adventures, is a true inspiration to anyone who’s dreamt of fulfilling their dreams and living the life they want to live.