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August 22nd, 2014
“We want it to be romantic”, they said.

Every couple’s dream of an ideal honeymoon includes romance.

Honeymoons are already romantic because, after all, two people just got married and now they can be alone to fall into each other’s arms and be together. “Alone together” and “romantic”? Perfect match.

If romantic means a walk on the beach with your love, under billions of stars, soft sand beneath your feet, holding hands and listening to the soft whisper of gentle waves, then we have a destination for you.

If waking up in the soft pink dawn of what you know will be a warm sunny day and sipping morning coffee together as you gaze out across turquoise water, is your idea of romantic, we definitely have a destination for you.

Imagine your own private bungalow on a beach, meters from the ocean waves rippling over gleaming white sand – sand so soft it feels like powder. The sound of seabirds, a gentle breeze, and then absolute quiet surrounds you. Lazily you decide what adventure you will have. Sailing? Diving into a deep blue hole and marveling at the underwater corals and sea life? Fishing? A sail across the bay? So many choices.

Or you could go to Venice.

Ah Venice. It’s further away of course, and your Italian is a bit rusty. But the canals, the cuisine, the architecture, gondolas, the people, the crowds, the noise, the lineups. Lineups? Crowds are not so romantic, but it’s Italy. Italy is for lovers. No? Well, yes and no. Not if those lovers want to be alone.

If your idea of romantic is to be by yourselves and away from the hustle of city life, noises and lineups, Cape Santa Maria in the Bahamas is the destination we have for you. Venice, not so much.

Offering snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and tours when you and your love want to be active, and culinary delights such as steak, lobster and grouper, fine imported wines, and delicious desserts to feed body and soul.

Friendly Bahamian staff speak English, and look after your every need.

Your beachfront villa or bungalow offers stunning views of evening sunsets, the morning sunrise, and all the amenities you’ll need. All this and four miles of white sand on one of the top ten rated beaches in the world. Have a peek here.

And no lineups.

Now that’s romantic.