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The Cape at Long Island

Many places claim to be paradise, but that really depends on your definition. At Cape Santa Maria we define paradise as mile upon mile of silky-fine sandy beach all to yourself, brilliant turquoise water, gently swaying palms and the finest weather in the Caribbean. The beach at Cape Santa Maria is untouched and undiscovered, allowing you to relax in what seems like your own private paradise.

Cape Santa Maria is located on the northwest coast of Long Island, in the temperate southern Bahamas. The main geographical feature is a shallow, sheltered bay lined by white sandy beaches and lush green plant life. The resort can be found at the north end of the bay.

Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort makes for the perfect Caribbean vacation spot. Whether you’ve experienced the tropics before, or are excited about your first Caribbean vacation, the Cape’s unique geography, climate, intimate atmosphere, and friendly staff make it second to none.

The people of the Long Island are what make Cape Santa Maria so unique. When you arrive, they’re staff. When you leave, they’re family.

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