Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort and Villas - Long Island Bahamas, South Bahamas


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Get all the details about owning your own vacation home in paradise.

How many vacation homes are being built?

  • To preserve the atmosphere in our tropical paradise, we have a limited building plan over time. We have limited the building to no more than four Villas (one building) per year.

How long does it take to construct a Building?

  • Our projection is one building (four Villas) every 9 to 12 months.

How many Villas per building?

  • Four; Two upper Villas and Two main floor Villas.

How large are the Villas?

  • Each Villa is a large 1800 square feet with includes your own private patio overlooking the beach.

What are the primary construction materials?

  • With over 20 years experience building here in the Bahamas, we have chosen material that is both contemporary in style and suitable to stand up to our marine environment. Everything from 40 year guarantee fiberlass/ashphalt roof shingles, to engineered and steel strapped trusses including galvanized steel and high PSI concrete construction. Storm resistant glass with high wind ratings. Steel beams and 10 x 10 cement columns. 16 inch centers and extensive sound proofing throughout. We have gone to great lengths to surpass both Florida and Bahamian building codes. The buildings are extremely well constructed and built to last.

How is the weather?

  • The weather is warm year round with low humidity levels due to the soft trade winds. The weather is warmer in the winter months than the northern Bahamas and Florida. Situated on the lee side of Long Island on the head of a beautiful horseshoe bay which gives ample protection from any wind conditions that may occur. Click here for a full chart of average monthly temperatures.

What about storm season?

  • Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas are located in a very protected bay with peninsulas to the north and south, a barrier reef to the west, and good land elevation to the east. Prevailing winds come from the east, so we are very sheltered and not likely to experience any type of surge or sea water intrusion. Six of our original beach front Bungalows were built between 1959-62. In the 58 years since they were constructed there has never been any sea water intrusion or major weather damage.

Will the construction of the villas upset the quiet and serene atmosphere we are known for?

  • No! We are very careful to keep construction noise to a minimum and there is ample distance away from our resort bungalows to prevent a noise disturbance.

Are there any similar projects in the area to compare to?

  • There are no other beach front projects like ours on Long Island. We are very exclusive and unique.

With the purchase of a villa are there any residency considerations in the Bahamas?

  • Yes, with a property investment of over $500,000 in the Bahamas the purchaser may apply for residency status. For a nominal yearly fee, the Villa owners are permitted to enter the Bahamas for an extended period of stay.

Can the villa owners use the amenities of the resort?

  • Yes, just as with our guests at the Resort the Villa owners will have access to all of our amenities such as restaurant, bar, kayaks, bikes, sail boats, gazebos, beach chairs, etc… These are just a few of the many privileges of being a villa owner.

How do we get to the resort and villa project?

  • Getting to Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort and Villas has never been easier. With our close proximity to Florida, a short plane ride and you are on the beach. You can travel through Nassau to our airport at Stella Maris via Southern Air, Bahamas Air, and Sky Bahamas or from Miami or Fort Lauderdale to Georgetown, Exuma and then take a 10 minute charter to Stella Maris, Long Island. Our reservation agents are very helpful in recommending the best way to come and visit us and can be reached at 1-800-926-9704 or 1-800-663-7090.

What amenities do the villas offer?

  • The villas offer state of the art amenities such as: central air-conditioning, high speed internet, satellite TV, jetted tubs, pure reverse osmosis water supply, 3 phase power and the finest of fixtures and appliances and of course the most incredible view of the beach and turquoise waters.

How much are the property taxes each year?

  • We are pleased to say that we have qualified for a 20 year exemption from property taxes through the Hotel Encouragement Act of the Bahamas. This is a significant savings for the purchaser and one we are pleased to offer.

How are the villas furnished?

  • Along with the purchase price we are supplying stainless steel high end appliances: washer/dryers, refrigerator/freezer, microwave/fume hood, dishwasher, electric range, in-sink-rators, jetted tub in master, all light fixtures, chandeliers, ceiling fans, etc… Within our existing buildings, the purchaser has the option of choosing between two fully furnished villas. The purchaser of a pre-sold villa, within one of our future buildings, will have the option to choose from a selection of colour schemes and furniture packages.

Will the villas be available to rent and earn rental income for the owner?

  • Yes, each purchaser will be part of our rental program which is a great way to generate extra income during the times when your villa is not being used by yourself or your close friends and families.

Who will handle the marketing and administration of the rental program?

  • Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort will handle the marketing and administration of the rental program. The villa owner will receive 51% of the net revenue received from all rentals. The owner will receive a monthly statement showing the expenses and revenue during the period.

How does the resort handle the rental rotation to insure that each owner receives their fair share of rental opportunity?

  • To ensure equality and fairness in the rental program, we rotate each unit as villa reservations are taken. The exception will be if the villa owner contacts the resort to provide the name of a guest that wishes to rent their unit, in this case we will direct the guest to that unit regardless of the position on the rotation schedule. This gives the owner incentive to assist in the promotion of the rental of their own villa.

What do the villas rent for per night?

  • There is a minimum of a three night stay. During the peak season they rent for $795.00 per night and during the value season they rent for $595.00 per night. (Subject to change)

What is the projection of return for a villa owner on the rental income?

  • We cannot guarantee projections in this regard but we can tell you that the current owners have been very pleased with the rental return thus far. It will only get better as the resort continues to grow.

How will the utilities be handled?

  • Water and power are metered into each villa. We make our own pure reverse osmosis water and it is supplied to each villa. Satellite TV, telephone, and high speed internet are billed monthly.

What additional costs should the owners expect?

  • Besides the costs for utilities as described above, there is a monthly common area maintenance fee of $190.00 to handle garbage removal, grounds upkeep, and landscaping. Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort acts as the maintenance company which handles the daily management of your Villa including paying utilities, cleaning, and maintenance inspections. The fees for the aforementioned services is $90.00 per month. The monthly fees have remained the same since the commencement of the villas project several years ago. Insurance is an additional cost and pricing is subject to change. Maintenance associalted with the villas is the responsibility of the villa owner. To date the rental income far exceeds the monthly expenses. (Fee structure is subject to change).

Can I rent my villa on my own?

  • You can send people down to rent but ALL rentals must go through the resort. Not only is it our policy but it is Bahamian law.

Is smoking allowed in the Villas?

  • It’s up to the owner but for rental guests smoking is only permitted on the patios.

Are pets allowed?

  • Not by renters. The owners are allowed up to two dogs of which each one must not be more than 12 lbs. (see restrictive covenants).

What has been the single most important aspect regarding the purchase to the people that have purchased so far?

  • It is hard to pick one thing but it is most probably the spectacular beach and views from the Villas. The most common word we hear from first time people entering the Villas is “WOW” what a view. The “WOW” factor.

How do I know that my investment is secure?

  • The development is being handled by Oak Bay Marine Group of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Oak Bay Marine Group is the parent company of Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort and Villas and has been in business for over 50 years. The Oak Bay Marine Group operates several marinas, attractions, resorts, and restaurants; all located in world-class waterfront locations. You are welcome to contact our head office in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – Ph: 1-800-663-7090.

Do you offer any special arrangements if we want to come down to see the villas?

  • If you want to come down to see the Villas and you purchase one, the trip will be on us. Contact: Susan Barcham at 1-800-663-7090 or 1-250-370-6508 for complete details.