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Private Pilots

There are two airstrips on northern Long Island: Cape Santa Maria and Stella Maris.

Whether you stay for a night or a month, private pilots enjoy a 15% discount on beachfront accommodation, with some blackout dates during peak travel periods.

For detailed entry and exit requirements, the Bahamas’s Pilots Bill of Rights and other details, see the Bahamas Private Flying website.



Stella Maris — MYLS Long Island, Bahamas
23° 35′ N – 75° 16′ W AOE
Airport Phone: 242-338-2006
Runway 13/31 3,900′ x 75′
redone in 2006
Unicom 122.8 (answered)
NDB 526 ZLS (strongest NDB in the islands)
Navigation Aids Nassau VOR 112.7D, ZQA 126° radial 148nm
FSS Nassau Radio 128.0, 124.2
File or cancel from altitude
Elevation 10′
Windsock SE, near ramp
Northeast of runway – good condition
Obstacles Hill 1 mile southeast, tower 1 mile
Status Private
Fuel Avgas, Jet A
MC/VISA/AMEX accepted
Traffic Pattern Left hand for runway 31, right hand for runway 13
Customs/Immigration 07:00 – 18:00 winter
07:00 – 19:00 summer
Call 242-338-2012 before arrival
Hotel Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort: 242-338-5273
Landing fees Based on weight, $7 – $40
Parking/Tie down Paved pad SE, space for 40 total
Repairs Limited repairs, overnight park service available
Beaches Excellent small sandy coves in area
Settlement Stella Maris, 1 mile east


Cape Santa Maria — MYLM Long Island, Bahamas
23° 39′ N – 75°20′ W
Runway 2,000′ x 60′
Compacted dirt and asphalt, fairly smooth
Best suited to small aircraft
Unicom 122.8
Navigation Aids Nassau VOR 112.7D, ZQA 125° radial 142nm
FSS Nassau Radio 124.2 File or cancel from altitude
Elevation 8′
Windsock Building northwest corner of runway
Status Private
Fuel None
Customs/Immigration None
Hotel Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort: 242-338-5273
Transportation None: taxis at Stella Maris Airport
Landing fees None
Parking Room for 6 – 10 airplanes
Beaches Superb 20 miles of luscious leeward beaches
Settlement Stella Maris, 10 miles south


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