Welcome Home.

Come quarantine at the Cape!

Limited Villa accommodation (only) now available. Self contained, safe, secluded. One-week minimum stay, grocery service and limited housekeeping available. Two-bedroom, two bathroom, gourmet kitchen, living room, screened patio, designated wifi, satellite TV, laundry… steps from the best beach in the Bahamas.

Only 3 units available.

Social distancing never looked so good.

Let us help you make it happen.

Direct reservations only.



About the Cape - People

Woman holding flowers
Fishing guides on boat


At Cape Santa Maria everyone really does know your name. Crew members like fishing guide Bert and wedding coordinator Breanda are celebrities in their own right. Breanda’s famous hugs and Bert’s shouts of “You gotta hook ‘em to cook ‘em” are indelible memories of the Cape experience. Guests love the sense of community and security all our staff inspire so that parents can relax and their kids can safely enjoy the freedom of the Cape knowing that their comfort and happiness is the ultimate priority of our entire crew.