FULLY vaccinated visitors (including 2 week immunity period after final shot) to the Bahamas are now required to present a negative Rapid Antigen Test or  RT-PCR test taken within 5 days prior to your arrival to the Bahamas.

  • Simply upload Vaccination Card and Negative Test Result to travel.gov.bs to apply for Bahamas Health Visa.
  • Please apply for Travel Health Visa at least 72hrs prior to scheduled departure

NON-vaccinated visitors (including those with first dose only, and those who have not completed immunity period) require the following:

  • RT-PCR COVID test results within 5 days prior to arrival required. 2-12years only require Rapid Antigen Test, under 2years are fully exempt from all testing
  • Travel Health Visa required, online form at travel.gov.bs (apply immediately upon receiving COVID-19 Test results). Children 12 and younger can be added to parent/guardian’s Travel Health Visa application
  • COVID rapid antigen test administered on day 5 of your stay required (at local Simms clinic). Arrangements made at the Cape.

This Rapid Antigen Test taken in the Bahamas may also fulfill USA Re-Entry Test Requirements (within 3 days prior to return to USA)

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Activities - Long Island Tour

Take a spell-binding excursion through the rich history, beautiful culture, and extraordinary natural beauty of Long Island

Set aside four or five hours to immerse yourself in the ‘true’ Bahamas. Guided or self-guided excursions along historic Queen’s Highway takes you to breathtaking vistas, local artisans, island hang-outs, and truly unparalleled natural attractions. Our front office team can arrange an experienced local guide to provide an historical Bahamian perspective on what drives the pulse of Long Island.  Rates are $45/person (min charge $180). Alternatively, rental cars ($79-$95/day) are also available over our front desk for those interested in creating their own adventure.

Long island view of building

Columbus Monument

The monument was originally constructed by the Long Islanders Association as a tribute to the arrival of Christopher Columbus on October 17th, 1492. This spectacular ‘view-site’ perched atop the white cliffs of the Long Island coastline offers commanding views of the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas, lush greenery, and the other-worldly blues and whites of fishing flats below. Accessibility to this historic site was greatly improved with a road constructed in 2019 making it also a favorite cycling destination from the resort (11.5km, 7miles round-trip). The site offers picnic areas, amazing snorkeling, private beaches, a natural ‘lazy river, and amazing shelling opportunities.

The Shrimp Hole

Behind the spectacular ruin of what may be the oldest church in all of the Bahamas (St. Mary the Blessed Virgin est. 1669), is a well-marked trail to one of Long Island’s less-known natural attractions. At the end relatively simple 10min hike through the inland indigenous scrub brush is a freshwater limestone cave inhabited by what are thought to be small red Sterrar’s Cave Shrimp – a critically endangered cave dwelling arthropods. It is a unique sight to behold and a great way to break up the drive between the North and South of the Island.

Max’s Conch Bar

This roadside conch shack is perhaps the most famous of all Long Island institutions. The quality of the local cuisine, the strength of their rum punch, and the character of the local patrons make this a must visit on any (and every) Long Island road-trip. Gary, Liz and Karnetha will keep you entertained and ensure you leave full of food, a few great Long Island stories, and a priceless memories of ‘real’ community culture. If you are visiting as part of a guided Island Tour, lunch is not included in the tour rate.

Hamilton’s Caves

Hamilton’s Cave is the largest cave system in the Bahamas. The Lucayan Indians were thought to have lived here around 500 A.D., and many Lucayan artifacts were discovered in 1936. The cave is named after the small settlement of Hamiton’s, located south of Salt Pond. It is owned and operated by Mr. Leonard Cartwright, a Long Island native who offers tours through the cave system, with some passages over 15 meters wide and 3 meters high, where he played hide-and-seek with his family as a child. Tours are $20/adult and can be booked through our front office.

Dean’s Blue Hole

Dean’s Blue Hole is the world’s second deepest blue hole. Plunging 663 feet (202 meters) to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, the blue hole is oval at its surface, with a diameter ranging from 80 to 120 feet (25 to 37 meters). A popular destination for divers and visitors from all over the world, the hole was the location of the recent free diving world record of 274 ft. (83 meters) and home of the Free Diving World Championships.

Drone shot of the island
Man making food
Man making food

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