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Long Island, Bahamas

Situated in the southern Bahamas, Long Island is one of many islands and cays that make up the spectacular Bahamas Out Islands.

Long Island was among the first land discovered by Columbus in 1492, and in his ship’s log, he described it as “the most delightful island in the world.” The east coast features 150 ft cliffs with crashing surf, while Cape Santa Maria on the west boasts mile upon mile of calm blue water and white sandy beach. As its name suggests, Long Island is over 70 miles long and just five miles wide. Lush green foliage covers the island, and fills the air with the intoxicating fragrances of the Caribbean.

A central road runs from north to south along Long Island, lined with the small villages and beautiful colonial churches that give the Bahamas its untouched feeling. With names like Burnt Ground, Deadman’s Cay, Bunchs, Doctor’s Creek, and Mangrove Bush, these villages offer a glimpse into the relaxed Bahamas lifestyle.

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